OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Generator

Efficient Backup Power Solution


More Power,Power More


ABEARL, an affiliate New Energy brand from OUKITEL, embarks on new journey, launching power stations covering 10-40KWh(5-10KW), which provides a sustainable & comprehensive solution to energy crisis.

Power the eco-friendly future

ABEARL offers the efficient power solution with a green energy home and outdoors.

Solar power
Solid quality
Super-fast recharging
Easy operation

"El objetivo de esta marca es lanzar productos sostenibles, y que proporcionen energía de una forma cómoda a las personas. El generador ABEARL P5000 Pro es su primer producto."

“Son produit inaugural, lastation d’alimentation portable P5000 Pro, est le premier appareil de 5 kWh au monde doté de la plus haute densité d’énergie et d’une puissance de sortie massive,”

“The brand ABEARL was born with a vision to provide safer, faster, and greener power solutions that can solve our growing energy problems and save the planet.”

“ABEARL continuously puts great effort into portable power supplies, solar technologies, and smart home backup power systems.”

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